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Private Teaching

Jennifer is a wonderful piano teacher! She is warm and supportive and always has a smile on her face. She is clear in her communication and my children always know what to practice for the next lesson. My children are progressing beautifully under her direction. Jennifer’s enthusiasm for piano and music is apparent and my children cannot wait to go to their lessons each week!

-Gail, mother of students


Jennifer is a wonderful piano instructor for my 12-year-old. She obviously has a great understanding and love for music and this shines through when she teaches. She is always patient and understanding with our sometimes moody pre-teen and works with our schedules. I would highly recommend her to any parent!

-Alex, mother of student

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Our 6-year-old son just started piano lessons for the first time this summer with Jennifer McCabe. After a few lessons, we asked him if he likes piano, and he responded, I LOVE it! It has now been about two months and he likes it more and more every week. Jennifer McCabe is a caring, kind, and patient instructor, and she chooses books, pieces, and exercises that are at a perfect level and that he really enjoys practicing and playing. We recommend her highly.

-Jennifer, mother of student


Dear Jennifer: In the ways music connects and harmonizes, so words cannot--though nevertheless I will try to--thank you insofar words allow! Thank you for transparently listening, for opening yourself to the reality of my situation and crafting–and as it often happened, marvelously improvising!–dynamic lesson plans in sync with what best assisted me, regardless of the methods and styles you might have preferred. How rare it is to learn from someone with extraordinary talent: to see that ability unfold in our lessons without intimidating, overwhelming, or interjecting. Somehow your insight was spot-on every time you motivated me as a person, a student, and most germanely, a piano player. Your simple yet uncanny metaphors explained the theory underlying technique without betraying the subtleties of technique. Each time I sat next to you to play, I was amazed (and perplexed, if you believe it) at how much not only I learned, but also how much you took in and responded to in a matter of moments. We adults often have a million tasks we insist we must address before we pursue those interests that truly make us come alive; however, through your undying patience, keen intuition, and gentle encouragement, you proved that without such joy in our lives, nothing else is worth pursuing. What an ineffable joy it has been to learn from a musician with your remarkable flexibility, attuned guidance, and open listening. Thank you for supporting me, for stretching me musically, and for simply allowing me to be. I am forever grateful. With warmest wishes

-Shruti, adult student


Jennifer’s life experience really show[s] in her teaching. In just 2 short lessons, she has drastically impacted my approach to practice and even my overall view of music and its place in my life. Thanks, Jennifer!

-Daniel, Chicago-based keyboardist


In a matter of weeks, Jennifer McCabe has turned a musically ignorant 33-year-old with a dream of playing piano, into something resembling a music-reading pianist. I can walk up to a piano and play some Beethoven or The Beatles thanks to Jennifer’s effective teaching style and patient tutoring. To say I could actually read and play a simple piece of music after my very first class is not an exaggeration. I am impressed with my own progress and that is thanks to Jennifer.

-Rachel, adult student

Jennifer has worked with our kids for more than 3 years and has been very supportive of their piano development by allowing them to explore a variety of musical genres and works with them until they are comfortable with the music. The boys love playing the piano, and trying new pieces – they get that from their experience with Jennifer.

-Elaine and Matt, parents of student


Our daughter has been learning from Ms. Jennifer for 7 years. She is a wonderful and talented instructor. She is very patient and caring to her students. She is a great role model and has inspired my daughter to continue to work hard and yet have fun with playing the piano. I would highly recommend Ms. Jennifer.



My son loves to play soccer. He had a bad season last spring and he got to the conclusion that because of Jennifer at least he has his piano or something like that :).

-Mihaela, mother of student


Jennifer was a compassionate teacher that understood her students' goals and put together a program that worked toward her students goals. She is a talented musician and has an unbelievable amount of patience with her students. Her one on one contact is wonderful.

-David T, adult student


Jennifer has been a wonderful teacher to our children over the past 5 years.  She is patient, caring and meets them at their individual levels.  She adjusts her teaching styles as they grow and their needs change.  We have been with her since kindergarten and it has been a real treat to watch our children develop a love of music with Jennifer's support.

-Shira, student

I have been taking lessons with Miss Jennifer for six years and throughout that time she has been a steady and constant image of inspiration and kindness. She is very professional but is there for her students, you can tell that she cares about them and their practices. She has answered questions and provided personalized work. Thank you!

-Audrey, student

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Collegial Testimonials

​​I have known Jennifer for many years and have witnessed and experienced her dedication, perseverance, and commitment to her personal process and her profession. Whether she is working with a seasoned veteran or a young student...Jennifer always goes above and beyond to over-deliver. Her talent matches her conviction and her integrity supports the consistency of her results.

-Daniel F.


Jennifer McCabe has an easy rapport with student performers, a variety of games and curriculum at her disposal, and is a trustworthy colleague.

-Matt B., Visiting Lecturer of Music at Carthage College


Jennifer is personable, highly skilled, both as a pianist and teacher, and a great collaborator. I highly recommend her, as a teacher and colleague.

-Rick F., Artistic Director at The Music Offering

Collaborative Piano

I performed with Jennifer McCabe for the North Shore Opera Hour's production of Bizet's Carmen. She was a joy to work with and eager to provide the best piano accompaniment for our rehearsals and performances. I appreciated her professionalism, hard work, and talent, and enjoyed her sense of humor.

-Cynthia Z., singer

I enjoy working with Jennifer - she is a solid accompanist. Upbeat personality, beautiful musicality, and high standards.

-Victoria H., singer


Jennifer is a detail-oriented listener who is always ready to work on something as a team. Fantastic Pianist and great person.

-Guin G.


Jennifer and I jumped headfirst into a 13-page aria without a single rehearsal, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. She is kind, fun, professional, and very talented. So easy to work with. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to any gig deemed appropriate!

-Katie P., singer


Jennifer has exceptional musicianship. Her technical proficiency allows her to play both musical theatre and classical repertoire. Her personality and willingness to help others are additional attributes that make her a vital component of any creative team. I highly recommend using Jennifer as an accompanist.

-Daniel S.


I hired Jennifer as a last-minute replacement Music Director for a production of Hello Dolly. Taking on the position two weeks into the process, Jennifer worked quickly & diligently to learn the musical score and to assess the vocal-coaching needs of our performers. Thanks to her skill, efficiency, and commitment, the transition was seamless and the show was a success.

-Terri H.


Jennifer could not be more responsible- prompt, friendly, efficient- a JOY to work with in every way!

-Melissa F., Senior Lecturer, Northwestern University, Theatre 


Ms. McCabe is [the] new Gerald Moore – an infinitely sympathetic accompanist who can adjust the mood and tempo of any piece of music to fit the individual needs of a singer in real-time – Brava!

-David L., singer

Non-Profit Management

Jennifer has many talents and wore many hats for Opera on Tap. She is first and foremost an excellent pianist and accompanist. She learned a good deal of music in short amounts of time but she always came out on top. She was the "managing diva"  and successfully found new locations for the group to perform in which I'm sure was no easy task. She always had a smile on her face and was easy to work with which is exactly what you want in a colleague!

-Rena A., Founder & Artistic Director of Third Eye Ensemble

Jennifer took over our Chicago Chapter at a time when it desperately needed leadership and than filled in those large shoes. She brought  her dedication, imagination, and organizing prowess to her Board leadership everyday. When it comes to responsibility in a leadership role, she is top-notch. Her work in Chicago was crucial to the Chapter's survival and success.

-Anne H., Founding Artistic & Executive Director, Opera on Tap

As well as being an excellent pianist, Jennifer is a highly organized, communicative, and detail-oriented administrator of the arts organization, Opera on Tap.

-Annie B., singer

Musical Theater

I hired Jennifer as a Music Director for a high-energy group of kids over a summer Musical Theater camp. She took to the job with a very high level of energy and made sure that her decisions and coaching always reflected the high level of integrity and nurturing personality for which our program has become known. She did an admirable job at a position to which she admitted she had little previous experience; her honesty and hard work are qualities which would lead me to hire her again!

-Mike O.

Jennifer McCabe is a very easy-going, extremely organized, talented musician that I would recommend to anyone. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for over 2 years and find her very patient, nurturing ways most effective with middle school children. She is an invaluable asset to our musical production team.

-Denise F.

I hired Jennifer as a last-minute replacement Music Director for a production of Hello Dolly. Taking on the position two weeks into the process, Jennifer worked quickly & diligently to learn the musical score and to assess the vocal-coaching needs of our performers. Thanks to her skill, efficiency, and commitment, the transition was seamless and the show was a success.

-Terri H.

My son very much enjoys participating in local children’s music theater. Both through summer camps and one-on-one guidance to prep for a fall show, Jennifer has helped my son build his confidence in singing and projecting his voice to improve his performance on stage. She is very supportive and my son enjoys her coaching.


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